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The Magnificent Electric — Volume II — CD

The Magnificent Electric — Volume II — CD

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Hear my second album before anyone else!

This record won't drop on streaming services until March 22... but if you buy a copy here you won't have to wait! I'll email you a download link right away, and you'll get your CD in about a week.

Featuring eight songs:

  1. Start My Life
  2. Handsome Devil
  3. Be Surprised
  4. Different Man
  5. At The Gates
  6. Open Your Eyes
  7. Prettier Girls
  8. Real New Yorkers

The Deluxe First Edition is numbered and signed, and limited to 100. Once they're gone, they're gone!


With these songs, I tried capture the way I felt as I emerged from quarantine.


I found that the world had changed, and quickly realized that perhaps I had changed even more.

I no longer have the patience to try to fit in and live a normal life. My old corporate job feels like a distant memory. And it's become clearer than ever that i have to forge my own path.

Somewhere, deep down, I knew this already.
So in way this record is reminder I wrote for myself... and anyone else who needs it.
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