Artist Bio


The Magnificent Electric plays indie psych music that is at once very silly and deeply profound. His lush arrangements and warped guitar tones bridge the gap between the analog and digital worlds, while his whimsical lyrics seamlessly blend future with past.

"My biggest influence is probably Tame Impala, but at the end of the day I just try to be myself,” explains multi-instrumentalist singer-songwriter Jeff Latz. “My hope is that people will really dig these songs on a deeper level and reconnect with their own truth.”

After the constraints of quarantine inspired him to evolve into a versatile multi-instrumentalist, The Magnificent Electric continued to explore the limitless possibilities of sound. On his second record, he began to infuse his compositions with more electronic elements, seamlessly blending the organic with the synthetic.

"To me this album represents the end of the pandemic and the beginning of a new era," he says. "These songs capture the way I felt as I emerged from quarantine. I found that the world had changed, and quickly realized that perhaps I had changed even more."

The Magnificent Electric released his debut album in 2021, playing to a packed house at Pete’s Candy Store and selling out of the limited run first edition vinyl. His second album will be released in early 2024.